Vision & Philosophy

Vision & Philosophy

Our Vision

Our vision for the future of HMP is to leverage this common platform to deliver a broader scope of capabilities to intervention studies within a reasonable budget and faster turn-around than de novo development. Improving the capabilities of the apps that end up in the hands of at-risk individuals improves user engagement and patient outcomes.

Our Philosophy

Our model is akin to a community co-op. Everyone buys into the platform, and everyone shares the enhancements and bug fixes made by the community at large.

Each study retains their own user data, but if we add a new feature for another project, it will be made available to you. If we fix a bug in another project, the fix will be made available to you as well. If new content is created or new activities developed, those will all be made available to you.

Our Platform

Decades of research have gone into building the HealthMpowerment platform.

The Institute on Digital Health and Innovation at Florida State University has made a significant investment in the creation of HealthMpowerment and retains intellectual property rights with respect to the software and content but provides licenses for institutions that would like to use the platform.