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Welcome to HealthMpowerment

Welcome to HealthMpowerment

HealthMpowerment (HMP) is a theory-based, status-neutral intervention designed to provide health and wellness information and resources relevant to young people via a mobile optimized platform.

HMP covers a range of health and lifestyle topics to support users’ diverse backgrounds and varying needs over time.

About HMP

HMP strives to be a state-of-the-art Digital Health Intervention platform. We are building a feature-rich platform that incorporates the latest behavior change research and the latest advances in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A dedicated group of technologists and researchers work together daily to improve the platform and keep content up-to-date, fresh, and relevant. Leveraging a holistic view to health, HMP content covers topics ranging from traditional physical health such as HIV and STI prevention and treatment, depression, and nutrition, to social and environmental factors influencing health like housing, discrimination, faith, and spirituality.

HMP was created by Lisa Hightow-Weidman, MD, MPH, a public health scientist with extensive expertise in mHealth interventions.

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Two screenshots of HMP app: Health tracker screenshot with text "You can totall do this!" 1 pill taken in last 7 days and buttons to track your health, view your stats, edit your meds, and edit your habits. Home screenshot has profile avatar, today's tasks, book a session, med tracking streak, and more.

Built flexible and easy to adapt for various populations and health topics. Projects choose to “turn on/off” features depending on project needs. The platform is continually being enhanced, refined, and expanded.

Some current and future developments include the creation of sub-forums, expanded survey software integrations, tailored content recommendations using AI and machine learning, and more!

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Learn about the efficacy of HealthMpowerment through our research findings published in peer-reviewed, academic journals, easy-to-digest infographics, and videos.

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Four screenshots of HMP app - home screen, stats on med tracking, health tracker, and avatar customization

The HMP platform supports a range of research projects related to health and wellness.

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Meet the Subject Matter Research Consultants (SMRC)

The SMRC provides consultation on research study development, implementation and  relevant social media trends.

Additionally, members have the flexibility to create audio, visual, and written content that is available to participants in different research studies, and they assist with participant engagement in forums.

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Digital Transformation at Scale

HMP is streamlining the process of developing, adapting, and disseminating evidence-informed interventions.

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