SMS Campaigns

SMS Campaigns

HealthMpowerment (HMP) was developed in cooperation with the Florida State University Institute on Digital Health and Innovation (IDHI) and One Cow Standing, LLC. HMP is a theory-based, status-neutral intervention designed to provide health and wellness information and resources relevant to young people via a mobile optimized platform.

HMP is offered to researchers for use in studies and interventions. Researchers use a web-based administrative portal to manage the study, while participants use a customized, dedicated mobile app to interact with researchers and consume content.


Prior to downloading the customized mobile app, participants must enroll in the study. Each study has a different workflow for enrollment, but all studies require participants to consent to the study prior to participation.  This is mandated by each institution’s Internal Review Board (IRB).  Participants must agree to being contacted via email and SMS prior to being granted access to the mobile app. Participants cannot gain access to the mobile app without this consent.

Once the mobile app is downloaded, in the onboarding process, participants must confirm their email address and phone number in order to enable communications.  It is possible for participants to opt out of notifications at this time.


At any point after onboarding, participants can change their contact information or disable SMS notifications.

Participants may also choose to opt out of a study at any time.


HMP contacts participants via four distinct communication channels: push notifications, SMS, in-app messages, and email.

Specifically, HMP uses SMS to contact participants for the following reasons:

  • Appointment scheduling and reminders
  • One time pass-codes
  • New content notifications
  • Medication reminders
  • Motivational messages
  • Survey availability and reminders
  • Earning an incentive

SMS notifications may include embedded links to the HMP mobile app or specific features and content within the mobile app. HMP can integrate with two different types of survey tools, Qualtrics ( and REDCap ( and may include links to surveys in those systems. Participants are informed ahead of time about the use of these systems.

Examples of embedded links:

Examples of SMS messages:

  • Your ${app_name} appointment is in 1 hour! Prep for your appointment by making sure you are in a quiet and private space. Log in to the app to view appointment details: ${mobile_app_base_url}
  • This is a reminder that you have a ${app_name} appointment scheduled on ${startDate}. We look forward to seeing you! Log in to the app to view more details: ${mobile_app_base_url}
  • Your ${app_name} appointment has been created for ${startDate}. To review, log in to the app: ${mobile_app_base_url}
  • Your ${app_name} appointment has been rescheduled for ${startDate}. Log in to the app to view more details: {mobile_app_base_url}
  • Can you make some time for us? Discover all that ${app_name} has to offer. ${mobile_app_base_url}
  • We miss you! Join the ${app_name} community for resources to help you keep living your best life! Log in now! ${mobile_app_base_url}
  • It’s been a minute since we’ve seen you on ${app_name}. Check out what’s new! ${mobile_app_base_url}
  • Don’t give up on your goal! Log in to the app to pick up where you left off and prove to yourself you can do it! If you need support, reach out to the ${app_name} community or study team! ${mobile_app_base_url}
  • We noticed you have not added a new goal. Log in to the app to get inspired and take steps to achieve your health and wellness goals!  ${mobile_app_base_url}
  • Cha-ching! You have earned an incentive for $${earnAmount}! 
  • Your ${surveyName} survey is now available! Log into the app, go to the Milestones page and click the link to complete!
  • Your ${surveyName} has been open for ${daysSinceAvailable} days. Click on the link to complete the survey: ${surveyLink}
  • ${firstName}, Here is your password reset code:  ${recoveryToken}. This code will expire in 15 minutes.