Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research Consultants

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research Consultants


Beginning in July 2021, the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) and the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) merged and was renamed the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research Consultants (DEI RC). This conglomerate comprises twelve individuals living across the United States with varying levels of education, professional, and lived experiences. The DEI RC are part-time employees. The group convenes virtually once a month and checks in weekly via a messaging application for business. This workgroup receives mentorship, professional development, and valuable working experience in the research field.

The BATLab would like to acknowledge the former staff members who led and facilitated the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) and Youth Advisory Council (YAC) at various points from 2016 – 2021 before the DEI RC merge. Thank you to Karina Soni, Drew McGee, Afua Osei, and Skye Wilson. We sincerely thank them for their exemplary service.

The DEI RC’s Role

The DEI RC provides consultation on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, research materials and processes, and social media trends within various research studies.

Additionally, members have the flexibility to create audio, visual, and written content that is available to participants in different research studies, and they assist with participant engagement in forums.

Review and provide feedback on study design and surveys
Review and provide feedback on recruitment materials
Assist with recruitment and retention efforts
Provide app enhancement ideas
Assist with internal testing and monitor app for bugs and issues
Develop relevant, relatable content
Boost and maintain forum engagement
Review and help design qualitative interview guides
Assist with data dissemination


The DEI RC’s short-term goals are:


Continue expanding content creation and dissemination efforts


Increasing group diversity


Building and strengthening community partnerships


Maintaining consistent advisement on study designs


The formation of this group is unique in that many, if any, research institutions have not yet progressed in utilizing this approach. The Institute on Digital Health and Innovation has sought out and hired young professionals that reflect the target demographic of the studies, which, in turn, enhances the projects and cultivates a reciprocal working relationship for folx from marginalized backgrounds.

Meet the DEI RC

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News & Accomplishments

Xavier Ramos is involved with the Latinx Caucus of the HIV/AIDS Network Coordination’s (HANC) Legacy Project, and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) on the Long-Acting HIV Treatment & Prevention Policy Project.
Sandra Agola is slated to graduate with her undergraduate degree in May 2022!
Joshua Espada was accepted into graduate school and is pursuing a Master’s in Public Health with a specialization in Community Health.
Abraham Johnson moderated The Future of HIV Biomedical Prevention panel in September 2021.
Joshua Espada was accepted as a presenter for the 2021 GLMA Annual Conference on LGBTQ+ Health.
In May 2021, Tia Sadler was selected by the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund to be honored as the 2021 Youth hero.

Tools and Resources

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  • Youth Advisory Boards
  • Youth Partners
  • Capacity Building
  • Community Engagement
  • Mentoring Opportunities
  • Social Media Advisors

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