DEI RC Graduates

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research Consultant Graduates

We express our deep gratitude for the contributions of all members of the DEI RC, past and present.

Graduates of the DEI RC often stay involved with our work through professional development workshops and contracting independently on projects.

David Collins


David is a passionate creative who currently works with small businesses around the Greater New Orleans area to increase online engagement and brand awareness as a Freelance Social Media Marketer and Brand Manager. He obtained his B.A. in Mass Communication and Public Relations from Loyola University New Orleans. During his time at Loyola University New Orleans, he served in a variety of diversity leadership roles. David was the President of PLUS+ (LGBTQIA+ Organization), Social Media Coordinator of The Black Student Union, Programming and Marketing Coordinator for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and founding the Food Insecurity and Food Stamp Workshop to help address food insecurity on campus. David is also a New Orleans Native. Some interesting facts about David: He was in the Marching Band for 15 years of his life! He is a foodie! His birthday is on May 17th. #TaurusGang

Alex Fernandez


Alex has a background in health as he completed a Bachelor of Science in Public Health at the University of South Florida. Currently, he is a graduate student with the University working on a Masters in Healthcare Organizations and Management while working on a grant for Occupational Safety and Health. Alex enjoys playing video games and reading books with some occasional art in his spare time.

Milik Kashad


Photo of Milik Kashad

Milik Kashad is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist and social advocate. Over the years, he has collaborated with numerous organizations to create work that addresses social issues ranging from climate change to lack of accessibility to proper healthcare. He hopes to continue this work with the DEI RC.

Xavier Ramos


Hello! I’m Xavier. I grew up and currently reside in Chicago, Illinois. I am a young professional trying to make my mark on the world. I work at Chase Bank as a teller in Woodridge, Illinois. I have always been actively engaged in my community, so I knew the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research Consultant team would be another great way to promote unity and open-mindedness within the community. My favorite hobby is volleyball and volunteering at my local YMCA.

Tia Sadler


I joined HMP’s advisory board because people often told me to do what I loved when I was younger. Since graduating from Philadelphia University in 2016 with an international business degree, I’ve traveled the world from Quebec to Tokyo, searching for a purposeful career. When I was an interpreter in Japan, I got to learn many new perspectives through linguistics. While working as a research assistant at The University of Pennsylvania, I’ve engaged in the cutting edge of social, behavioral science related to next-generation HIV prevention technology and its acceptability amongst sexually and gender diverse (SGD) youth. When I was younger, having a resource like the HealthMpowerment app’s articles and forums would have provided an immeasurable improvement in my ability to navigate my gay and trans experiences. It has also helped me realize my passion for creative writing and journalism, galvanizing conversations about sexual health education, relationships, trauma, healing, and perseverance. I also enjoy contributing to research about SGD people’s lived experiences that can someday help achieve full equitable treatment under the law, academia, and society.

Liam Warner-Shifflett


Liam is an undergraduate premedical student at Northwestern University, where he is studying social policy, biology, and data science. He is specifically interested in work at the intersection of medicine and policy. Liam has experience with pediatric and HIV/AIDS mHealth initiatives, youth health education research, and digital public health infrastructure legislation. He is an advocate for research inclusive of diverse family dynamics – especially LGBTQ+ families and single fatherhood. In his free time, Liam enjoys playing piano and kayaking.